Art, professionalism and relevance
Война и мир полковника Керского

The film covers the most outstanding events in the life of Colonel Kersky, a professional serviceman who had operated in different parts of Russia, and ended his career in Chechnya.

The film consists of Colonel’s intense emotional monologues, each of them representing a complete story, a whole idea. Each of the monologues is filmed mainly as a single shot but with different backgrounds: Withdrawal of Troops from the Baltic Region, Collapse of the Country, The Law of the War, The Family, For the Truth, Karamakhi, Resignation, and so on.

Some of the scenes demonstrate Kersky’s military life, i.e. warfare records from Chechnya and Dagestan. His explicit, shocking, and controversial but truly convincing narratives reveal the truth, which we are often unwilling and afraid to hear: the truth about the war.