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Tomorrow Never Dies popular science film series wins Grand Prix

at the Mind. 21st Century 5th Russian Television Festival of Educational Programs

The festival was founded by the VGTRK and the Tomsk Oblast Administration in 2001 in the city of Tomsk, the Siberian scientific, educational and cultural center of Russia. Last year it took place 18th to 21st September and featured over 100 works by eight federal channels including Nauka 2.0, Moya Planeta, Rossiya 24, Kultura, Karusel, Roskosmos’ studio, the Russian Geographic Society, and so on. We presented two episodes of the Tomorrow Never Dies film series: Battle Field: The Internet (director & author Stanislav Adamov, cameraman Gennady Morozov), and Land of Volcanoes (author Yana Rubanovskaya, director Dmitry Semibratov, cameramen Sergey Khokhryakov, Gennady Morozov).

The LAVR studio team was especially pleased to learn that the decision to give the Grand Prix Award to our project was unanimous.