Art, professionalism and relevance

New episodes of the Tomorrow Never Dies series

for the Kultura TV channel are done.

The characters of these episodes are:

  • Scientists saving the world form the uncontrolled spread of nanotechnologies, which are plunging into our lives: The First Century of the Nanoworld Creation
  • Engineers and armed forces facing the challenge of waste on the Earth and beyond. This episode is about space debris cluttering the orbit around Earth and threatening all the inhabitants of our planet: Space Dump
  • Experts who know exactly what mankind will face when it runs out of oil. They are the ones developing the newest technologies that might actually rescue us from the energy collapse: When We Run Out Of Oil.
  • Scientists dealing with the most fast-evolving and yet the most contradictory science of today – genetics. They know what needs to be done so that the genetic load wouldn’t result in human extinction on our planet: Genetics: Correction Of Errors.