Art, professionalism and relevance

Filming of the new I am a local project starts

This is a series of six films about the lives of large Russian cities through the eyes of locals whose works are well-known beyond their home towns.

This isn’t a tour guide video along the lines of ‘Visiting a city with a celebrity’. So we use characters’ personal memories, feelings and impressions of these cities just as a starting point. The main characters don’t act as interviewees but rather as our long-term acquaintances who invite us to visit their homes. In this context, their families are all of the city’s residents, with their daily routines.

The series is filmed for the RTVi channel with support of the Russian Ministry of Culture.

The first city to be covered is Krasnoyarsk. Two of perhaps the most outstanding residents, artist Vasily Slonov and writer Mikhail Uspensky introduce us to this city.